Not all who wonder are lost.

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We are created to be curious - to wonder, to discover, to question and yes, to doubt. Curiosity is a key part of what it means to be human. We have the cognitive ability to think beyond our immediate surroundings. We each get to choose whether to embrace curiosity, or ignore and suppress it. What would it look like if you chose to stay curious?

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Questions, and even doubts, can push us deeper into a faith we can actually trust in rather than farther from a God we think we can contain.

— Pastor Steph

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About Pastor Steph

Pastor Steph is Co-Lead Pastor at Mill City Church in Minneapolis and adjunct professor of ministry at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul.. She specializes in engaging millennials, speaking to multiethnic groups, captivating large audiences at churches and conferences with her preaching, and training leaders for a life on mission. She communicates with enthusiasm, depth and authenticity. She stands out among writers for her relevant storytelling, practical wisdom and deep theological and philosophical approach.